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Security Policy

This security policy covers, a web site owned and operated by Legal City (Pty) Ltd, a company registered in South Africa.

The Registration Process

Our primary means of communicating with our users is via email. It is therefore necessary to establish at the point of registration that the email address supplied by the applicant is valid and belongs to that individual. The registration process is outlined as follows:

  1. The user completes the registration form, ensuring that the email address provided is correct and not blacklisted by our server.
  2. The user's profile is created in our database but not activated.
  3. An email containing a unique verification code is sent to the specified email address.
  4. The user is required to enter this verification code on the web site in order to activate his account thereby completing his registration.

Once the user has gone through the registration process he will be granted access to our services.

Should we ever encounter a situation where we can no longer communicate with a user using the email address in his profile, we will automatically suspend that user's account.

Encrypted Passwords

In order to ensure that the security of a user's account is not compromised their password is encrypted when stored in our database. We are unable to decrypt a user's password so it therefore becomes necessary to reset a password in the event that the user has forgotten it.

As it is not possible for a member of Legal City's staff to obtain a user's password without being told by that user, we cannot be held responsible for any users' log in details being compromised under any circumstances whatsoever.

Resetting Passwords

Upon request, the user's password may be reset to a random sequence of numbers and letters which is then sent to the user's registered email address. The user would then be able to log in to the web site using the new password and, once logged in, may change it to something that is more appropriate.

Posting content to Legal City

A user must first log in before being able to interact with the web site. This is done in order to maintain the integrity of the content and to ensure the authenticity of users when they post information to the web site. It is generally accepted, therefore, that if a posting appears anywhere on the web site under a specific user's name then that user must have submitted the information themselves.

E-commerce Transactions

Legal City does not process it's own credit card transactions.

We have appointed a third party payment processing partner - DPO PayGate (Pty) Ltd - to handle our online credit card transactions.

Sensitive information such as a user's credit card details are sent over the Internet using the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology which can only be decrypted by DPO PayGate's systems. In addition TLS provides a method to verify that the transmission has not been altered en route.

DPO PayGate will attempt to authorise the user's credit card transaction and transfer the funds to our bank, Standard Bank of South Africa. The transaction will only be processed once we have received a positive authorisation for the purchase. The amount debited to the user's credit card will be the total for the transaction inclusive of VAT. Should the purchase not be authorised for any reason the card will be declined and the user will be notified on screen immediately.

We are a 3D-Secure merchant and subscribe to both Visa's Security Program and MasterCard's SecureCode Program which means that if the cardholder is enrolled in one of these programmes, they will be required to enter further security information (such as a PIN code) when making use of our credit card payment facility.