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About Legal City

Legal City is one of South Africa's premier online legal services portals. Please make use of our many and varied premier services the majority of which provide you with access to statutory information online and in real time.

Our services include:

Payment for our services is based on our unique Legal Credits mechanism. There are no monthly subscriptions or minimum amounts payable and you only pay for the services you use.

What are Legal Credits?

Legal Credits are a mechanism that allows our users to purchase access to services in advance.

Why Legal Credits?

We launched Legal City in May 1999 with the intention of charging for services on a pay-as-you-go basis. The idea was to spare our users the burden of a monthly subscription and to charge them only for the services they actually used. We also found it was impractical to charge our users before each search as most people conduct more than one search per session and some of our services are available at a very low cost.

To address these issues we introduced Legal Credits - a simple and convenient mechanism which allows users to purchase access to our services in advance and keep excess charges to a minimum.

Paying for Services

In order to access our services a user needs to first register with us and then purchase Legal Credits online which can be done using a credit card or via EFT, cash or cheque deposit.

Our preferred method is for users to use a credit card as their Legal Credits are allocated automatically upon receiving a successful authorisation from the bank. All other forms of payment are subject to mandatory clearance periods.

What do Legal Credits Cost?

The base rate for Legal Credits is 1 Legal Credit = 10 cents (excluding VAT).

We also reward large purchases by giving away additional Legal Credits for free. For example, if you purchase Legal Credits say for R 1,000.00 we will give you additional Legal Credits to the value of R 100.00 absolutely free.

Please review our rates and services for further details.

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